Project: Cowper Road

Location: London

Date: 2020 
Type: Residential 
Structural Engineer: Detail SD 

Photo Credits: Elisa Franceschi
Kitchen: Bespokea
Ceramic Lampshades: Nina Jua Klein

The rear extension of a post war terraced house in Stoke Newington to provide much needed additional living accomodation and better relationship to the garden

The roof form takes it’s cue from the existing building, fitting just below the upstairs window with a low rooflight before extending upwards with an exposed Baubuche pitched roof finsished in anthracite zinc and concrete.

We reconfigured the entire ground floor, opening up the stairs and installing a long kitchen from front to back with a new entrance area. The extension is finished with hand made ceramic lampshades designed and fabricated in collaboration with Nina Jua Klein.