Project: Hachi House

Location: London

Date: 2018
Type: Prototype


Fabrication: Lee Gonzalez & Micky Wilson

We were commissioned by IKEA to develop a home for local wildlife as part of the launch of their new flagship store in Greenwich.

We worked closely with local fabricators to build Hachi House, a home and nesting point for solitary leafcutter bees. The home is made from recycled IKEA products INDUSTRIELL, VERBEROD and RESUNDA, retrofitted and modified to make the large roof overhang and cosy home for the bees that hang underneath. The roof is CNC machined with the vibration pattern of the bees wings in flight, exposing the quality of the material and giving the roof a unique tactile quality.

The house was built by the studio with Lee Gonzalez over 7 days, and installed in Sutcliffe Park.