Project: Lordship Road

Location: London

Date: Autumn 2020
Type: Residential

 We began this project with the dream of a jungle – the smell of rain drifting through open windows, whilst listening to the patter of drops on emerald green leaves. A space completely distinct from its Stoke Newington location, dreaming of wilderness from the middle of the city.

We made a courtyard from the large back garden, extending the rear of the ground floor out to meet it, and framed to the rear with a new garden room. An overhanging canopy linked the two together and a Magnesium swimming pool nestles into the jungle.

Modest materials, corrugated tin roof and polycarbonate sheeting create dramatic overhangs, supported by a structure of Douglas Fir timber rafters. Large windows wrap around the elevation, with full width openings pulled back behind the extending roofs.

This house welcomes the weather, it pulls out of the way from the summer sun – and stretches out to catch February downpours.

The project is due to start on site in Spring 2021